QLD in b24 last years of war..info please

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Jul 15, 2022
Looking for info on B24 training in QLD
My father was a piolt who train there and flew them in the last years and after the war until 1946
Around indo and up to India.
Any info or leads would be great.
You might find this title interesting if you can track down a cheap copy

The ADF Serials website has a lot of information about individual airframes.

There may be articles in there newsletters.
Assuming RAAF units. The squadron histories can be downloaded from the Australian Archives web site. Another book title, Australia's Liberators by Charles Darby.

12 Squadron, Merauke Dutch New Guinea, made non operational 22 June 1944 losing its Vengeance dive bombers in July, to Strathpine Queensland 22 August, reduced to cadre, to Cecil Plains Queensland 14 December, received B-24 5 February 1945, moved to Darwin Northern Territory 1 May 1945, bombing operations then post war transport duties. To Amberley Queensland 2 March 1946, Lincoln added in July 1947, last B-24s departed in October, became 1 squadron 22 February 1948

21 Squadron, Nadzab New Guinea, to Leyburn Queensland 22 August 1944, B-24 replaced Vengeance in September, moved to Fenton Northern Territory 29 December, bombing operations. To Morotai Moluccas 2 July 1945, Balikpapan Borneo 24 July, back to Morotai 26 October, post war transport duties. To Tocumwal New South Wales 17 November. To Amberley Queensland 24 April 1946, VIP B-24 flight transferred from 1 Communication Unit 1 September 1947, Lincoln added in October 1947, became 2 squadron 23 February 1948, B-24s stayed until 24 June 1949.

23 Squadron, Higgins Field Queensland, to Menangle New South Wales 17 June 1944, Vengeance aircraft removed, to Leyburn Queensland 15 November 1944 and B-24 added, Long Northern Territory 30 March 1945, Darwin 6 June, Morotai 1 July, Balikpapan 25 July, Morotai 8 October, Tocumwal 21 November, Amberley 11 April 1946, Lincoln added in May 1947, last B-24 departed October, renamed 6 squadron 23 February 1948.

24 Squadron, Nadzab New Guinea, to Lowood Queensland 8 March 1944, Vengeance removed, B-24 added in June, moved to Manbulloo Northern Territory 27 June, to Fenton 1 September, Morotai 17 June, Balikpapan 17 July, Tocumwal 5 December and disbanded there on 15 May 1946.

25 Squadron at Cunderdin Western Australia had B-24s replace Vengeances in January 1945, squadron reduced to "number only" 30 March 1946 and disbanded on 9 July.

99 Squadron formed 1 February 1945 at Leyburn Queensland with B-24, to Jondaryan Queensland 23 March, to Darwin 13 September, to Tocumwal 11 December, disbanded 5 June 1946.

102 Squadron formed 30 May 1945 at Cecil Plains Queensland, B-24 added in July, removed in December, squadron disbanded on 18 March 1946.

In March 1946 number 1 Communication Unit at Essendon Victoria had a B-24 flight added, to Laverton Victoria 1 July 1946, B-24s removed in September 1947.

200 Flight formed Leyburn Queensland 15 February 1945 with B-24, disbanded 12 April 1946.

201 Flight formed Laverton Victoria 10 March 1945 with B-24, disbanded 15 March 1946.

When the Governor General's Flight was reformed on 1 July 1948 it had a B-24 transport for a time.

7 Operational Training unit at Tocumwal New South Wales used B-24s, formed 15 February 1944, disbanded 30 November 1945.

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