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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
greetings all !

a couple fo questions hopefully I can have answered. Note that on certain days I can post 7-10 messages and confirmed and unconfirmed kills add up. today posted three times and then it says I have used up my alloted posts, no kills. Can some-one explain all of this to me.

also nted evertime I have posted I get a debug message stating my emails cannot be sent..............emails to whom as I was posting a reply and no emails. Cyberdemons on board here ? any clues :?:

thanks gents

E ~
yes the mail server is have problems at the moment, so users who have subscribed to watch a topic receive an email for every post. However, since the mail server is down the forums cannot send and return a debug error.
The 7-10 post limit for earning kills was set into place as a stopgap so that spammers don't spring ahead in kill count. Personally I couldn't care less about kill count, just another ego-boosting feature, but in my understanding, this is why that happens

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