Quick medal question

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Apr 1, 2007
New Zealand
Quick and to the point - what's this? I'm guessing Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

Looks likes a variation of the German Army Marksmanship badge - the one attached is the silver award. I don't know whether the bronze award had a slightly different design

German Metal Insignia Devices


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I will have to look through my militaria collecting archives as well as my collection. I have a marksman badge from the Third Reich but it looks slightly different than both of those.

There were variations throughtout the 3rd Reich of all of there badges and medals so it is very possible.

However amrit, I think yours is a post war reproduction and therefore it is different than the one above. The strike on the your picture is not very well done and that is a good sign for a fake.
I'm pretty much a novice on German militaria. I did wonder whether the badge I attached was a late war "economy" production.

Once I saw "my" picture, I did a google, and all the other marksmanship badges were different. But as you say, there were so many variations.

Cheers Adler.
I have been collecting Third Reich uniforms and artifacts for almost 20 years now. That one up there truely looks like a fake. I will take a pic of one of my original badgest that shows how an original wreath would be.

The Germans real badges were made with high quality and under strict guidelines.

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