RAF 333Sq Catalina Guns?

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Nov 25, 2006
I am working on an illustration for the last flight of the RAF Squadrons FP121 Jossing, Catalina Mk-1. I am trying to work out just what type of MGs it would have had. A couple sources say Vickers, a couple others say Browning. This action occurred on May 17-18, 1944. I am in the middle of changing the marking on this bird and adding the "TV antenna"/radar units on the wings, but here is my last snapshot of the work in progress.

Any comments or clarifications would be welcome.
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This squadron was located in Woodhaven Scotland. They patrolled the North Sea and the Norwegian Coast. It was formed by Norwegian Airforce crews who had fled when Norway fell. This squadron flew Cats and Mosquitos primarily. There is a great site at:
Luftforsvaret SIG
with the history of this squadron and some profiles.
I never did get a response from this forum on whether or not it was Vickers or Brownings, but did get a response on another forum. By this stage of the War, they had ditched the Vickers in favor of Brownings...they think...History can be a slippery thing! Here is a shot I did of the FW 190 they just pulled out of a fjord near Bergen Norway, just time warp it a bit. Been a lot of chatter about it on other forums, I hadn't checked to see if it had shown up here!

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I think Lanc means the Focke Wulf. I think the cockpit may be slightly too large. Fantastic work. You and Clave need to get together. Wish I could do something even remotely like that.
yes i did mean the Fw, it looks like a Fw-190A to the back of the cockpit, but from that point rearwards it reminds me of a series 5 fighters grossely out of proportion to the Fw.............
Could be a combination of the light and the angle viewed. This is a built out 3-d model used as a base for doing the art. Granted I only had access to top, front and side profiles (Focke-Wulf construction plans were not readily available), so the geometry of the fuselage gussets may be out of shape a bit, but it's profiles match. Perhaps this view looks better.

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To look at the original question

All I have found out is that if a Vickers K was fitted it was usually only in the front turret, the waist positions being Brownings.

By '44 it was more common for a complete fit out of Brownings.
Yes, that is the conclusion that was arrived at for this stage in the war. A contributer from another forum, with connections to the Norwegian Air Force History Museum said" Probably the Brownings" and that was good enough for me.

Most Pics of Catalinas, you don't see the guns, but most of them you see are Brownings. It is a frustrating quest. I viewed hundreds of pics.

Being that I've done all this digging for Cat data. I am now thinking of doing a local interest Cat Illustration. Our local Coast Guard Station had a few assigned there during the war and it would be a nice tribute! Now to find pics on haw the USGS dressed their ladies! Any pics VERY WELCOME!

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