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AP 1287 v1 Armstrong Siddeley Lynx manual - 3rd Edition dated Nov 1935. OCR'd.


  • AP 1287 v1 e3 Lynx (Nov 35) ww2.pdf
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Update on the missing pages from the Jaguar III manual I posted. An original is on its way via Inter Library Loan. Should have by the end of the week.

Update on the missing pages from the first Lion manual I posted. The library that owns the copy are going to scan the pages and post them on their website for all and sundry to use as they feel fit under Open Commons. This will take some time but they will email me when the web page goes live. Apparently they have used this way to defeat the stupid Australian Copyright Acts prohibition on reuse of out of copyright data many times and have a backlog of similar requests that are ahead of mine.

Attached is a later version of the Lion manual - again missing some of the glued in pages containing illustrations. I am in contact with a source for the missing pages and hope they will become available fairly soon.

EDIT Now complete



  • `AP 822 ed3 Lion series IIB aero engine (1928) ww2..pdf
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Updated Lion IIB and Jaguar III manuals. Both now complete.
Had this one for a long while but the cover is what is politely called distressed.

Today found that Amazon were selling a rescaled loose leaf repro of what appears to be the same manual except it has 48 pages instead of 40 so I used the cover in the Amazon advert as my cover pattern and coloured it to close to the inside cover colour on the original.
https://www.amazon.com/Instruction-Armstrong-including-stripping-breakdown for those interested.

According to Wiki the Mongoose used Jaguar cylinders.



  • AS Mongoose instruction manual OCR ww2.pdf
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Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah XXV factory manual, OCR'd, from a very tired original with many oil stained pages. It is not an RAF manual but I put it here as all the other Cheetah manuals I have scanned so far are in this thread.
It is missing a few pages as noted and also missing Figures 2, 51, 52, 53, 59.
As always if someone has a copy, or even partial copy, with these pages I would love to complete both my copy and this thread copy.



  • AS.16 Cheetah XXV ww2 OCR.pdf
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An RAF manual for the American Liberty Engine dated Sept. 1918. From a very old Air Service Caravan photocopy which came up far better than it looks in real life. I expected the very course grained paper to produce really poor scans of the photo pages but they are mainly good.

The cover is a guess but I presumed that if they used that colour on the RAF Technical Notes in post 8 of this thread around the same time so they probably used similar card on this manual as well.



  • RAF HB 802 Liberty 12 manual 1918 ww2 OCR.pdf
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