Re pic of P51

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Aug 13, 2004
Hi gents and thankyou for your responses Kiwimac/Lesoprimus and Lanckickass. I am rather embarresed as I left off a number. It is "Marian"
of the 4th FG 336th FS NOT THE 36th. Ooops! As before, all help given
will be greatly appreciated. Sorry about that Gents. Cheers Jim in Oz :oops:
Kiwimac/Lesoprimus and Lanckickass

it'll be easier when you type to call kiwimac just "kiwi", call lesoprimus "les" and me, the lancaster kicks ass, most people call me "lanc" but you can cal me "the ass"...............
Ok I found Griffins name listed on the 336th list.. Thats a start...

336th Fighter Squadron

Maj. Fred W. Glover (C. O.), Asheville, N. C., Commanding; Capt. LeRoy A. Carpenter, Jr., Austin,

Lt. Maurice W. Miller, Jr., Jackson Heights, N. Y.; FO Donald P. Baugh, Sioux City, Ia.; Lt. Robert O. Davis, Tallahassee, Fla.; Lt. William H. Ayer, Egypt, Mass.; Lt. Richard E. Moore, Barstow, Ill.; Lt. Douglas N. Groshong, Selma, Calif.; Lt. John W. Izant, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Lt. James F. Hileman, New Kensington, Pa.; Lt. Van E. Chandler, Waxahachie, Tex.; Lt. Harry N. Hagan, Yorkville, Ohio; Capt. Joe H. Joiner, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Lt. Donald J. Pierini, Trenton, N. J.

Lt. Harold H. Frederick, Oakland City, Ind.; Lt. Thomas A. McCord, Oracle, Ariz.; Lt. Wilmer W. Collins, Lyons, Gal; Lt. Benjamin L. Griffin, Jacksonville, Fla.; Lt. Woodrow W. Schaefer, Yoakum, Tex.; Lt. Richard J. Corbett Madison, Wisc.; Capt. Carl R. Alfred, Atwater, Ohio; Capt. William D. Riedel, Ault, Col.; Lt. Earl F. Hustwit, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(Left to right­third row) Maj. John D. McFarlane, Calais, Me.; Lt. Harold R. Crawford, Jr., Seattle, Wash.; Lt. Douglas P. Pedersen, Long Beach, Calif.; Lt. Paul M. Morgan, Lexington, Ky.; Lt. B. O. Brooker, Jr., Columbia, S. C.; Lt. Henry A. Kaul, Oak Park, Ill.; Lt. Francis M. Grove, Hanover, Pa.; Lt. Franklin W. Young, Marmora, N. J.; Lt. Melvin N. Dickey, Tampa, Fla. Lt. Robert J. Cavallo, Wilmington, Ill.; Lt. Harry L. Davis, Cotulla, Tex.; Lt. G. E. Ridler, East Orange, N. J.

(Left to right­bottom row) Lt. Melvin C. Franklin, Middletown, Ohio; Lt. John P. Murchake, Jr., Annapolis, Md.; Lt. William H. Hastings, Washington Court House, Ohio.
Thanks Les. We are getting there! Rian (the guy who is making the model)
has been in touch with Ben Griffon. Ben has sent him a photo of him seated in the pit of the a/c. And a sketch of the nose art. According to Ben, he has no recollection of a photo of his aircraft. The front section was destroyed when he made his belly landing. :( We may be barking up a tall tree. But you never no. Cheers and Thankyou for your response. Jim
in West Oz
Yep you are right Les. Cheers mate. Ps you want to see the photo of Ben G sitting in his a/c.SOOOO YOUNG. If I can get permission I will post it up.
Hope you still have a roof on your house!
We are on the home stretch Les! And we are going to have a very happy Vet on are hands, when Rian presents him with his a/c. Between all the info we have gathered, Rian feels he can now get the decals made and in place. Many thanks to you, for all of your help and enthusiasm. Cheers Jim Rankine Perth Western Australia.
The Man - Lt. Benjamin L Griffin


The puzzle is solved (Bens own handywork):D


The model "Marion" with an "O" :D

Thanks Les! sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away for a few days. Yes this would be the style that we are looking for. I will forward this on to Rian. Thanks very much indeed.Cheers Jim.

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