Rear Admiral Crutchley at Savo Island

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May 1, 2016
I have read many books on the War in the Pacific. All the acounts I have read, even Hornfisher's excellant Neptune's Inferno, seem to gloss over Crutchley's roll in Savo Island. He was the Office in Tactical Command of the force guarding the Western entrance to Iron Bottom Sound.

When Adm Turner called for the conferance, shouldn't Crutchley have sent his flag captain by motor launch? Even Turner would have understood the need for Australia and the Rear Adm to remain ready in case the IJN entered the Sound. Removing Australia reduced the Southern Force by 30%.

Crutchley was a seasoned admiral, he had commanded Warspite at the start of the War and at the Battle of Narvik. It makes one wonder why he had such poor judgement. He went on to continue to command cruiser task forces in the South Pacific.
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