Renaissance Faires ?

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
alright guys something really different . . . ........

anyone have a listing of on the net sites presenting Renaissance Faires in Europe and or the US of A ? I have been chosen to head one up the next two years and need a coup[le of spots to check on-line as well s visit. Chris isn't there a monster of a one in Germany in the Bayern ??

I could really did dumping food and grog all over one another and the floor besides wenchs in very low cut bodices

Rip it up ! E ♪ ♫
Rothenburg has a beautiful one and my favorite would be at Burg Hexenager. I will see if there is any info I can get for you.

An aquaintance of mine is also a member of a group that participates in these all the time including the one in Burg Hexenager.
Chris can you find me some info - brochures/mags or whatever on the area-town of Landshut. think they have a huge parade / Landshut wedding ?

does that sound right ?

Eric, there's one in Pa, out near Lancaster. Not sure if it is big, small or what. Given that it is in Pa and there isn't a real castle within 3000 miles of the spot, I guess it can't be that big. But here's a link anyway.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

I do know it is close to Stoudts Brewery. So after smoting the barbarian hordes, you can stop by for a couple of brews.
Give me a day or two Erich, and I will get as much info that I can. Any brochures that I find I will send to you as well.

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