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I came across them on ebay, in Canada, wasn't shipping to the UK either, wasn't very polite when I noticed that, said something in the lines of....well, let's not go there, shall we! 😉😆😂
Yes, impressive indeed but one major gripe on my part.... He does 3-D printed 1/48 and 1/32 P-47 seats but only with lap belts and no shoulder harness? I've been in touch with him to ask if he'd consider adding shoulder harnesses because well, who has ever seen a P-47 (or any other WW II fighter seat) without them? That was about 6 months ago..... Alas.
You could as a member to be a go between. It has been used in the past successfully.
A "member" of what? Sorry.....don't know what you're getting at! As for R2D, I'm honestly not stressed about it. There are other options but I'm just surprised someone who does "detail" sets doesn't realize a P-47 seat with lap belts but without a shoulder harness is......well......useless.

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