Retrace One's Steps....

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Aug 21, 2006
In my castle....

Some kits I remember the manufacturer of, some others....I don't, like the 1/72 Mirage F1, the 1/72 F-14 and the F-111! 🤨🤔

Oh bugger! 😆😂

I also received a few kits from Czechoslovakia (as it was known then) from one of my dad's penpals....
I remember when I bought the Monogram 1/72 F-14A Tomcat in 1971 or 72. It went together quite well and had working wing-sweep. With the wings at full sweep it flew like a dart - and was rugged enough that it did not break when landing in grass. :)
Those were great, monthly pocket money, a few jobs around the house, feeling rich.
Straight over to the shop. Endless scanning of the subject, grabbing it, paying it with your money and perhaps some enemal paint. Getting home, unpacking. Put a record on the player, the old one your mum and dad gave you. Playing with it before the glue was set. Regretting it because you knew better but ... hey... you downed that other one you build the month before.

Magic is not dead, it was right.. right there. I loved every minute of it.
When I go into the shop, I'm 17 again, sometimes play 1950s music. I still build controlline balsa models. Thinking about this thread and remembering club members long gone, I thought of Lee who built a profile controlline F4U from a 42 inch wingspan kit. When asked how long the wing took to build, his answer, "Not long. Just six beers."
Matchbox kits for me. Love 'em. They were affordable, too, only five dolla each. Bear in mind, I'm a young'un compared to you guys and your blister pack Airfix and Frog kits... :lol:

Sorry but you're not fooling anyone. The first kit I ever got, which my dear old Mum built for me, was a Matchbox Boeing P-12, closely followed by a Matchbox Folland Gnat which I built. My next kit was a Frog Mosquito...and it was only after those that I got my first Airfix bubble pack.

Pretty sure you're not that much younger than us! :)

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