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Apr 1, 2004

What a line-up though, Hetfield and Trujillo from Metallica playing alongside Cantrell and Kinney from AiC ! I find it quite ironic that Weiland was playing there, he who is still an addict. Maybe he should actually pay attention or someone else will be dedicating that Pink Floyd song to him too, along with Layne Staley and Andrew Wood.
Rock 'N' Roll has changed, its far more anti-social these days not to do drugs! I thought Weiland was clean? Maybe I'm wrong, VR rock!!!
He keeps trying to get clean, but he's far from it. The rest of the people in the business look down on him for it, he should have sorted it out by now. A lot of the rock legends fell victim to drugs. Cornell only last year became clean, which is great.

Stone Temple Pilots split up because of Weiland and his drugs.
Drugs and alcohol were one of the big reasons I got out of the business. It may now be less prevalent in the big name acts, but I can tell you that the small time acts still have the problem. Then again, if you look at where most bands get their name for themselves (bars and clubs), it's not a surprise.
I know, I know it's going to be awesome.

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