Romanian SM 79B

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Jan 1, 2006
Not the JRS 79B but the original with Gnome Rhone engines:

What was the max. speed?
What was the range?
What was the crew?
What was the weight empty?
What was the armament?
What was the bomb load?


Hi Waken
According to Russian source SM-79B was equipted with two 950 hp Gnome&Rhone K14 Mistral Major engines( it is mentioned that some could be equipted with licenced romanian-built K14 900hp ones).
max speed - 420 km/h
range 1600 km with 1250 kg bomb load.
crew 4-5
weight empty 6590 kg
armament 3*12.7 mm Brada-SAFAT MGs or 4*7.7 mm MGs ( sources aren't conformable )
bomb load 2*500kg or 5*250kg or 12*100kg

best wishes
Hi :D :D :D

I've just bought a polish publication TBU nr.199 about SM.79.There is mentioned that SM.79 was equipted with two Breda-SAFAT 21.7 mm machine guns.


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