"Ryan Flying Report", a war-time magazine for, Ryan Aeronautical, production workers.

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    I found a few of these magazines online and thought that some of you, might find these of some interest. Some of the information is relatively pedestrian, but their are a few insights into the production of aerocraft, and the life of a production worker. I hope that you enjoy...

    View attachment ryanflyingreport_07-17-42.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_10-09-42.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_08-28-42.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_08-07-42.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_10-30-42.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_01-22-43.pdf
    View attachment ryanflyingreport_01-14-44.pdf

    Most of these PDF's contain only one issue...however the 1944 PDF contains 10 issues from that year.
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    Thanks for adding these magazines Proton! There are several more of these "possibly all", on the archive.org free library website. The Ryan magazines and others like Consolidated Vultee's are also there for free download. The link below will take you to the magazines uploaded by the San Diego Air Space Museum that is the archival location for all the old Ryan and Consolidated Vultee material. They also have a youtube channel where they put the videos from those companies that they have digitized, the youtube member name is SDASM. They also have a flickr account where they post the digitized photos from the same companies and the member name there is also SDASM. Take Care, Keith

    Internet Archive Search: collection:sandiegoairspacemuseum

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