Schematics Boulton Paul Type E Gun Turret

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Jun 6, 2021
Is there anybody that has the electro/mechanical schematics of the Boulton Paul Type E gun turret that was mounted on the Halifax please?

What is the big difference of having electro- hydraulic compared to electro only operated turrets?
Boulton Paul's Turrets were Electro-hydraulic in Operation; Electric Motors located in the Turret drove Hydraulic Pumps that powered Hydraulic Motors & Rams. This was more effective than Electric Motors alone and did not require Power developed by the Aircraft's Engines as did the Hydraulic System utilised by the Nash & Thomson Design.

I believe that the second half of the second sentence is wrong: the electrical power still has to come from somewhere, and that's from the engines, directly or indirectly.

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