1. P

    Schematics Boulton Paul Type E Gun Turret

    Is there anybody that has the electro/mechanical schematics of the Boulton Paul Type E gun turret that was mounted on the Halifax please? What is the big difference of having electro- hydraulic compared to electro only operated turrets?
  2. P

    Halifax III Mid Upper Gunner or Rear Gunner position.

    Hello all, I am working on the investigation of a Halifax III that crashed in Wevelgem on 9 May 1944 (LW583 the QO-L of the 432 Sqdr) where I want to find out who was in the rear gunner seat. In the ORB I found the names Sgt. K.L. McCartney & Sgt. W.L. Cantlon. The role of the airman is marked...
  3. P

    Looking for some footage of air to air battle night of 8/9 May 1944 in Wevelgem Belgium

    I am investigating the crash of Halifax LW 583 / QO-L of 432 Sqdr. that happened the night of 9 May 1944 in Wevelgem. On another website I found a list of Halifaxes that were taken down that night: At the end of the list there is a reference to a Film. I assume that this is a reference to...
  4. L

    Halifax Mk query

    Hi all, new here and hoping someone can help. I’m trying to find out about the appearance of Halifax F-Freddie of 158 Squadron, DT-635, lost in April 1943. From looking online it seems this aircraft was part of order B982938/39 from English Electric. Would anyone know the appearance of this...
  5. Baball

    Handley Page Halifax Manuals

    German manual titled "Flight Instructions for the British Bomber Halifax III", dated february 1945. The manual was translated from "Pilot's Notes for Halifax III" of March 1944. Pilot's and Engineer's Notes for Halifax II & V Pilot's and Engineer's Notes for Halifax III & VII Pilot's Notes for...
  6. N

    Need help identifying WW2 propeller blade (Halifax?)

    Recently I bought a large propeller blade from a seller in antique military equipment in 's Gravezande, The Netherlands. The seller also told me he bought it from the Military Aviation Museum (now Military museum) in Soesterberg. It was brought to the museum presumably as a bottom find. What I...
  7. v2

    Unknown Halifax part for identyfication.

    This is a part from Halifax crashed in southern Poland in 1944. Have you any ideas, guys?
  8. Tracker

    Halifax, RCAF Museum Trenton,Canada

    Couple of Halifax pictures I took last year. Can provide many more detailed ones if anyone is interest. They built a hanger around the aircraft to house it.
  9. Vincenzo

    When became operational the first squadron with Halifax II, Wellington III...

    For our RAF experts When became operational the first squadron with Halifax II, Wellington III, Wellington IV, Hudson VI, Beaufort II, Liberator II? If can help i've the first squadron that get its Halifax II No.138 August '41 Wellington III No.9 July '41 Wellington IV Nos 300, 301, 458 August...
  10. Snautzer01

    Handley Page Halifax

    Notice cross of Lorainne. In french service.
  11. Lucky13

    Bomb bay design...

    Why such difference between B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29 on one side and the Hampden, Wellington, Stirling, Halifax and Lancaster on the other, plus others on the axis and allied sides... Pros and cons of both ways?
  12. ColesAircraft

    RCAF HP Halifax Remains: Identification

    Hi, friends! Received the first of three "banana boxes" of aircraft combat-loss parts today from Christiaan Vanhee in Belgium. That means Phase One of Airplane Christmas for me! In any case: Among the parts I have several pieces from RCAF HP Halifax LW682 of 426 Squadron that was shot down...