Sheppard FAA Corsair 136-P Serial Needed

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Jul 25, 2006
I am looking for the serial number of the F4U Corsair (III or IV?) flown by Don Sheppard RCNVR circa May 1945. This aircraft was coded "136-P" with 1836 Sqn aboard HMS Victorious. It was in this particular aircraft the Lt. Sheppard scored his fifth and final kill.
The only reference I can come up with is the attached photo of a 1:48 model entered in a contest. This is my first time posting here, so I hope the picture attaches properly.
It is my intent to create a decal set for both this particular aircraft and his earlier Corsair II JT410 coded "T8H" in which he claimed his first four "kills".

Thanks for any help,


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Aug 4, 2006
Bristol, UK
I'd recommend you contact the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, Somerset. It holds the most comprehensive records of RN aircraft in the world.

One proviso: most Naval Air Squadrons existed only for the duration of a ship's commission and were disbanded on its completion, so many records have been lost, particularly individual aircraft histories.

Good luck!


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