Short Belfast

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There were only ten of them built, all for the RAF. Never caught on with civil users, so the design went nowhere. Great looking plane, though.
Four 5730-HP RR Tyne engines
352 mph
150 to 250 troops
HeavyLift Cargo Airlines bought five after the RAF was done with them.
A week before my dad arrived in Aldergrove for his service in Northern Ireland someone got cut up by the props on one of them.

The British didn't need to continue with that, they just improved the C-130 by expanding it. Then Lockheed took on the idea in the C-130J, I think.
Para's are looneys. Excellent troops, and 2 Para REALLY are pyscho...pyschos with good training and great abilities.
True enough, it takes some bottle to stride into a Para's mess and announce that you thought only fairies wore wings! :lol:

(not recommended, unless you like hospital food.)

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