Sink the Tirpitz

Sink the Tirpitz

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Jan 29, 2023
Sydney - Australia
HP52 submitted a new resource:

Sink the Tirpitz - A new book covering the the RAF/RAAF effort to prevent a Soviet collapse in the Autumn of 1942

Hardcover book - print delayed by Pen & Sword - printing is finally imminent.
It is the story of 144 RAF and 455 RAAF Squadrons being deployed to Soviet Russia in 1942 when the resolution of WW2 was in the balance.
Britain's defences were spread so thinly, despite support from the Colonies (such as Australia and Canada). Convoy PQ17 was badly savaged with 22 of 33 merchantmen sunk with their cargoes. If PQ18 could not get supplies through to the Soviets - they would collapse at...

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