Snide comments and nastiness.

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Master Sergeant
Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
I can't help but notice that there's been a bit of friction amongst a few people lately.

I would like to remind everybody that as internet forums go, this is as laid back as they get. You can swear, put up girly pics, talk politics, to name but a few of a thousand things that would be guaranteed to get you banned on most forums.

With that though comes the need for everyone to get along and take responsibility for their dealings with others. So unless you know someone very well, as admittedly many people do here, it's far and away the best thing to keep it civil.

The same thing goes with the Brit - Yank sniping. It's been going on since 1941, and after 63 years of it I'm sure you'll agree it's very, very, boring. So don't do it.

Anyway, enough of me doing my 'Mod' impression. Can we all try to be nicer to one another. I'm sure I speak for all the other mods when I say we hate 'god mod' crap. However, we'll be forced to get more heavy-handed though if people are being offended by the remarks others make, even if there was no real malice aforethought.


Oh bloody hell! It certantly does sound like a crapola time at the House of Space at the moment. And Il2skins is down again as well! Hopefully a blastie will go someway to lifting the spirits at the moment.

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