Sperry Ball Turret - Azimuth Position Dial

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May 29, 2018
I'm looking for information on the Azimuth Position Dial in the Sperry Ball Turret, specifically where the flexible shaft leaves the dial and plugs into.
Photos online don't show specifically where this goes and I don't have a turret in front of me to reference.

I have a few documents for the turret but this part isn't even listed, so I'm also wondering if this auxiliary unit even saw service during WWII or if it came closer to the end? For example, in the attached pic the dial is pictured in the call out but not in the location photo.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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I was finally able to make progress on this. Found a photo recently of the Azimuth Gear Housing, and it has
two Flexible Shaft Adapters, not just one. So pretty sure that's where the Azimuth Dial plugs into.


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