Sukhoi Su-1/3/5/7

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Dec 20, 2005
ive heard sukhoi made a series of odd-numbered fighters
ive heard the Su-5 can do 810km/h[/url]


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looks like a usual prop driven plane from the front, the intake is for the jet and the engine drives the turbine!
There the rest of drawings for Su-1 and Su-3


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Hi MP-Willow !!!
According to Russian sources Su-1/3/5/7 were only the experimental airplanes and were never used in combat. Both Su-1 and Su-3 had problems with turbochargers. As a result, they were never finished and produced as serial fighters. As far as Su-5 and Su-7 are concerned,they were used to test combined powerplant. Su-5 was equipted with VRDK jet booster and Su-7 with a liquid rocket booster. The additional engines made them faster than other planes but without boosters their performances weren't remarkable to the piston powered aircrafts. Besides, the war was shortly over and the new jet planes appeared better ones.

Hi MP-Willow !!!
Sorry for my English.I think it was my mistake to use "performance".Certainly I thought about their technical abilities, for instance speed.According the Russian sources they never fought with BF-109s or FW-190s.Sorry again.

Best wishes

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