Swordfish MkIII NR995/G

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Delivered 27/06/1944 (marked NR995/G)
813 Sqn 08/1944
838 Sqn (F) 12/1944
Worthy Down SS 03/02/1945
Maydown to 836B Flt Empire McDermott 11/04/1945
Maydown 25/05/1945

813 Sqn formed 18/01/1937 Eagle 1937-42 then Gibralter. Disbanded 18/10/1943 Reformed 01/11/1943 Campania 1944,Vindex 1945 Disbanded 15/05/1945.

838 SqnFormed 15/05/1942 Attacker then MAC ships.
Disbanded into 836 Sqn 13/08/1943
Reformed 01/11/1943 Nairana 1943-44, later attached to Coastal Command
Disbanded 03/02/1945

836 Sqn Formed 01/03/1942 shore based unit until 05/1943 when allocated to MAC ships becoming Headquarters Squadron for MAC ship flights.
Disbanded 28/07/1945

source: Ray Sturtivant

I think info this may point you in the right direction for further investigation Mossie

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