T-40 "Whizz Bang"

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Apr 1, 2004
I know no one cares but I just like being a bother from time to time.

There's a picture in your WW2 Tanks picture album of a T-34 (Calliope) on a M4 but it's been captioned with T-40 "Whizz Bang".

It's simple recognition, the "Whizz Bang" had 20 barrels - the Calliope had 60. The one in the picture has 60!
Probably was used for that too but the U.S Rocket Launcher T-40 was nicknamed "Whizz Bang" too.
Yes, here's a picture. The top picture is T-34 Calliope, the one incorrectly captioned here...and the bottom is a T-40 Whizz Bang...quite obviously different.


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