The P-51 and the Mosquito

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Alex Smart

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Oct 25, 2018
What is known of the P-51 "LH =☆=N" and the Mosquito ??


the pic source: Captured P-47 Thunderbolt with Nazi insignia
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both would have been scrapped as the photo was taken in late '45 - the engines would have been sent to the parts depot to repair the aircraft flown by their Test & Evaluation squadron.
Lufthansa repaired the only Lancaster flown by the Evaluation unit for night radar tests.
The Mossie looks to be neatly dissected to investigate the fuselage shell construction. An interesting feature is that the remnants of the squadron code can be seen etched into the wood, though they are not clearly decipherable. This phenomenon also happened on our B.35 s/n RS700, currently being restored, where the Canadian registration CF-HMS can be seen on the wing upper surface plywood surface even though the letters were painted on the fabric covering. Someone with motivation could try a few squadron code sequences that might match the remnants seen n the photo and then, from loss records, narrow down a few possible candidates for which airframe this is.
The letters seem to be either the SY or SX.

The most possible ... SY- no. 613 Squadron RAF operated Mosquito FB.Mk.VI
Also it seems that the code letters were of the MSG or Sky but not the Dull Red colours.


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