The Possibillity of future Gyrocopters...

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Tony Williams said:
You are right, gentlemen, having looked into gyroplanes some more it is clear that the rotor head is more complex than I thought. In particular, the Rotodyne type design with tip jets is actually a hybrid, as it acts as a helicopter for landing and taking off. The tip jets were switched off at a forward speed of 60 mph, and after that the rotor autorotated, providing lift just by being spun in the airstream (so it was tilted backwards in flight, not forwards as with a helo).

However, the rotor design is not a reason for criticising the gyrodyne - after all, it is no more complex than that of a helo, and they seem to do OK, even in big sizes (see Mi-26).

The gyrodyne makes an interesting contrast with a tilt-rotor like the V-22. The tilt-rotor has a speed advantage, and also only uses one flight system. It may also be more controllable in the hover but I'm not sure of that. OTOH the gyrodyne has its rotor and propellers each optimised for its particular flight mode, rather than a compromise. And having two separate flight systems makes it much safer, as it can autorotate down if it runs out of power, or land like a plane on its props and wings. Above all, the gyrodyne is technically much simpler to build and operate. Just look at the time it has taken to perfect the V-22, whereas the Rotodyne was a technical success four decades ago - long before computerised flight controls.

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You're right about the gyrodyne, I could never understand why it wasn't accepted....

The V-22's geatation period took long becuae you got some over-rembancious Marines flying (and crashing) the first ones, these failures really put the program behind. I was really against the V-22 until i had an opportunity to tour it's factory in Amarillo Texas, the aircraft is really amazing...

DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Thankyou I take that as a big compliment coming from you FBJ. I hope to be as successful as you in the civilian world.

the lancaster kicks *** said:
all interesting stuff but annother thought's just hit me... what the hell is that bridge in the picture going over? because whatever it is they're trying to avoid it's heading right for that landing pad...
Artists conceptions, we should be lucky he didn't depict it lifting the Eiffel Tower! :rolleyes:

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