The Real Beer GAmes

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    Beer movies are fun but fictional...the World Beer Games is reality.

    The World Beer Games (WBG) was founded in 2002 to settle the score on which country is the best beer nation in a fun and responsible manner.

    The World Beer Games are governed by the World Beer Games Sanctioning Body. The mission of the World Beer Games Sanctioning Body (WBGSB) and the World Beer Games is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of sociability, camaraderie, and beer culture.

    Getting together to socialize and have some fun over a few beers has a long, rich tradition in nearly every country in the world.

    From ancient taverns to suburban basements, these "beer games" have always promoted fun social interaction - enjoying good times with good friends.

    The World Beer Games was established to embrace, and advance this tradition.

    The 6 competitive events at the WBG are quarters, pint chug, boat race, pint curl, empty can toss beer trivia.

    World Beer Games...In Pursuit of the Best Beer Nation!

    World Beer Games

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