The top 10 combat rifles

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Screaming Eagle

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Nov 26, 2006
Queensland, Australia
Hi everyone

I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel recently and it was called the 'Top 10'. On this particular episode they were discussing the top 10 combat rifles of all time. They are as follows:

1. AK-47
2. M-16
3. Lee Enfield SMLE
4. M1 Garand
6. Mauser model 98K Carbine
7. Steyer AUG
8. 1903 Springfield
9. Sturmgewher 44 (MP43)
10. M14

So what are your thoughts and what would you change about this list?
I always concidered the FN FAL to be the best ,reliable ,powerful and accurate. NO.2 would be the styer aug ( made in Austria ) I belive the newer styer's have quality issiues ! No 3. AK 47. The best bolt action weapon I think has got to be the Lee enfield smle .A weapon not on the list which should be is the new HK 416.
Top 10 combat rifles. Not necessarily what you would want TODAY, but what has been demonstrated as technologically superior, innovative, cheap to produce, best use materials, and/or precedent establishing. Hmmm. Here goes...

1. AK-47
2. Mauser 98
4. M1 Garand
6. Springfield 1903
7. M16
8. MP43
9. SKS
10 Mosin Nagant

Notice I didn't even put my favorite in there. :cool:
That is a good list up there Matt and I think I would completely go with the list that you made.

The AK-47 might not be the best small arms ever built especially with the type of weapons that are coming out today but it revolutionized modern warfare. It is rugged, easy to use and anyone can fire it. Hell look at how many standing army's use it today and how many militias use it. It is easily the most widely used weapon and the weapon of choice for most military powers.
I think folks have a misconception of a modern day rifle that is not as "accurate". The M16 out of the box will shoot 2MOA or less all day long. An AK 4MOA. That's less than 4 inches at 100yds. Accurate enough.
Also the firepower a AK-47 is packing. 7.62mm against an M-16 or M-4 5.56mm. Now I have fired a 47 before but not an M-16 or M-4. Whoever has, what do you guys compare it to the AK-47?
Good for you P38. When did you fire an AK? 5.56x45 kicks less. Short quick slap recoil. 7.65x39 just kinda shoves slow and gentle. Neither have significant recoil though.
I did not find that either has significant recoil. I find the M-4 easier to shoot, but this my opinion. I like the AK better though. I have fired both the M-16, M-4 and AK and there was not much of a difference in my opinion. That could be though because I know how to shoot rifles.
Both have negligible recoil. But the .223 has a quicker impulse. At least that is my subjective opinion. And for some reason, the .223 high pitched sound really hurts my ears.
Fired all three (M16, AK and FAL) Like the AK for the simple fact that when you pull the trigger you KNOW it's going to fire (if there is a round in the chamber of course). That was key. Found the AK the least accurate of the three. Just couldn't hit stuff. Again, like Der Adler said, it could be the shooter.

Found the M16A2 to be nice. Refined. One thing I liked is the design sends the force directly back. The raised sights on the M16 are there to eliminate the pivot point rifles had right behind the trigger guard, on the M16 the force goes straight back. Sight picture doesn't change in semi-auto. The AK is the best of the old designs and the M16 is the start of a new design. Now see all new types of rifles (from the 70s on) with that same straight throwback, bullpups included.

Found the FN-FAL to be a neat rifle to shoot. Loud, kicks well, accurate. Fun. A lot like the M1. Big round too. Of the three, I found it the easiest shooter, but not neccessarily the best shooter. Again, could be my shooting ability. But it was fun.

Of the three rifles, I definitely think the AK made the most impression on the world. On the flag of Nambia, simple to use, mass produced. You can break the thing down in no time at all. Designed for people who did not really know what they are doing to use. It's also familar to almost everyone in the world. Probably right up there with Coca-Cola or McDonalds.
Thanks guys. I liked the AK-47 for its ruggness and firepower but wanted to know how it compared to other rifles.

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