Today's vid sequence begins with an Antonov....

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Apr 6, 2005
A clip from a prog about giant planes with Chris 'Rimmer' Barrie being 'Dwarfed' by the mighty 6-engined Antonov Condorski....


  • antonov_barrie_157.wmv
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An amazing piece of footage as Roly Falk rolls the Vulcan at a Farnboro airshow in the 1950s....


  • xa889_vulcan_1955_farnborough_air_show_386.wmv
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Another amazing sequence where the Boeing triple seven comes in for a landing... crabbing into the wind it straightens and slams on the brakes... all that energy dissipates as the airliner comes to a halt.... reassuring for all those who get to fly this wonderful plane. I often see them above our house when I am sat in the garden but have yet to enjoy (?) a flight in one...


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Very nice videos. The rolling Vulcan was interesting. It always thrills me to see large multi-engined aircraft manoeuvre like that. I once saw a B-1 go through it's paces at an air show, and it was like watching a big fighter. It was pretty cool.

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