Tony Williams retires from Military Guns and Ammunition web site

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Senior Airman
Feb 16, 2019

This is to let you know that I have handed over ownership of this forum to gatnerd, with immediate effect.

This is a part of my gradual withdrawal from involvement in discussions about guns and ammunition, which started with my retirement from editorship of Jane's Ammunition and the ECRA Bulletin. I have recently been concerned with putting some of my knowledge in book form, the first being Infantry Weapons and Ammunition: A Century of Development, published this year. This will be followed up by two similar collections of articles and presentations, one dealing with larger calibre ammunition from anti-tank rifles to mortars and WW2 tank guns, the other focusing on aircraft guns. Finally, of course, my magnum opus - Autocannon: A History of Automatic Cannon and Ammunition, due in a couple of months.

After that, I will have said (almost) all that I want to say on this subject, the "almost" being that I am now working on a thoroughly revised version of The Foresight War (titled The Foresight War Revisited) which will include quite a lot on WW2 guns and ammunition of all calibres.

So I no longer have much interest in participating in discussions on this forum, but I wouldn't like to see it closed down, so after considering recent posting history I decided to offer ownership to gatnerd, who has accepted it.
I wish gatnerd, and the rest of you, all the best!

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