Which transport had the most effect?

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Two mistakes and I get a bashing, C.C I don't know how you have the cheek with the amount of mistakes you do

:lol: that wasnt me, that was the keyboard 8) anyway, i make magnificent errors, the one about drapping bombs sparked an argument about what it was :lol:
A bad workman blames his tools, as they say.

Yes, I was the first to question your 'drap' mistake.
A bad workman blames his tools, as they say

ive been waiting for someone to use that cliché :D but havent you noticed a decline in spelling errors on my part recently? it because my keyboard is fixed 8) anyway, if you wanna see spelling errors read some of the lancs posts :D
No, wait no I'm not. I don't keep doing doubles. :lol:
8) as for spelling and typing errors just read my stuff. It will show up. Mostly I am thinking and typing fast and not watching my screen or reading before I post. What were we talking about here anywho? :)
Transports, I think. Most of it was taken up by the D-Day landings, I think.
:) so then lets try to get back to the begining. Or not but lets talk Berlin Airlift! ;) planes were in and out in a short order. What do you all think? That was a true Transport operation!
Yes, yes it was. Although I do not know much about the operation.

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