Typhoons in Italy??

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Aug 31, 2004
Did the British Typhoon operate in the Italian campian? I thought I had read years ago they did, but have been looking lately and can't find any mention of it.

thanks, Ray
So far as I know the Typhoon was only deployed with the British 2nd TAF in the ETO. But I don't have any really definite knowledge about that.
Thanks for the help but think I figured out the answer. Was talking with another history geek and he mentioned a book written by a RAF pilot that flew spit's in Italy then went on to fly the typhoon. So I'm probably thinking of that.

Can't even remember what I did last week, but usually can remember a book I read years ago.
Sorry, for years everytime I say I'm a history buff I hear no you're a history geek, buff's make money at it! Figured they might have a point.
Yes, we are History Nerds. Buffs make money. Geeks are just loser that are dumb, I often refer to them as wannabe Nerds. :lol:
LG made a funny. I didn't think that was possible. :lol:
The arguements r good.they bring out everyone true point of view.


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Plenty of arguments are pointless. Plenty of arguments are valid (in case no one has noticed, I enjoy a good argument as much as anyone). And I can make plenty of funnies.
I've been in plenty or arguments that had to but other than to entertain me. Whether or not that's a legitimate reason I'm not sure.

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