Ugliest Plane of WW2?

Ugliest Plane of WW2?

  • Fieseler Fi 156 'Storch'

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  • Focke-Wulf Fw 189

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  • Fairey Swordfish

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  • Messerschmitt Me 323

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  • Handley Page Hampden

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  • Brewster Buffalo

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  • Grumman Hellcat

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Feb 19, 2004
In your opinion what was the ugliest plane of World War 2 (lets face it, it won't be anything Italian!)

I think it was the Fieseler Fi 156 'Storch' it looked like a kids toy-model not to mention a giant insect! :puppydogeyes:
Avro Rota.
What an oinker! :silly:


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For me, all the planes of WW2 are extremely beautiful and amazings. But perhaps the Dornier Do 335 'Pfeil' can be a little ugly...
id say the bufflalo,yes the lancaster,stoch was theee ugliest. WHy did u put hellcat in!?!?!?!?! they look awsome
ok, the lancaster was beautiful, the swordfish wasn't that bad, and the buffalo was just plain ugly
Well even though you say the Hellcat is nice...people voted for it so obviously not everyone does...its short and fat..not really very attractive...unless you go for that type ;)

While i'm on the subject of short fat planes - personally i'm a fan of the Brewster Buffalo - short and fat it may be but it was an ok fighter. And just to prove it, heres a nice picture
As a footnote whilst we are on the 'short, fat plane' subject does anyone have any pictures of the Commonwealth Boomerang? even though not everyone has heard of them they were excellent aircraft and gave the Japs a really hard time whilst being piloted by Aussies
Something like this?



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