Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue

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    For a book that was supposed to be about Iwo Jima (the battle), its turned out to be a coffee-table book about Joe Rosenthal and The Photo. Not a bad read, something to keep by the potty or on the aforementioned table, but the information and editing inside leave something to be desired. In one chapter, it starts out mentioning the 22,000 Japanese troops stationed on the island, then about halfway through comes back and states that the Marines were met by 21,000 troops stationed on the island. The ONE redeeming factor that I've found (and which has kept me flipping through the pages) is the fact that I can only think of two places in the book where there is nothing but text on facing pages. This book is SO FRIKKIN FULL of photos that its worth the cost just for the images alone. So if you need something to fill that empty spot and cover those suspicious-looking beer-bottle-sized rings on your coffee-table, this is your book.

    ETA: the last section of the book is well worth the read, as well. It contains the citations for each Congressional Medal of Honor that was earned on Iwo Jima.

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