Unknown jet crashes

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Don't recall which show it was at but the clip has been around for a while. My source pegged it as an Su-30.
I have home video footage of the crash. I was there. Both pilots survived with a few scratches. There was a thread a while back about this one.

I have actually witnessed several crashes over the years at airshows.

I saw the Italian jets collide and crash at the Rammstein Germany air show and saw the C-5 Galaxy plow into the trees at the end of the run way while taking off out of Ramstein years and years ago.

I have actually witnessed more crashes than I had hoped for, having been an helicopter crew chief and aircrew member for the last 6 years. Unfortunatly I have seen many people that I know die in air crashes and had to fly out to many crash sites to either rescue the crew or retrieve the bodies. Not something I really enjoyed doing, but it comes with the territory.

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