US Aircraft MIA over France in 1944 August 14th

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May 22, 2005
Loire Valley, near Blois
I try to find informations about a crash, in August 14th , near my home The only information I have is an identity photo given by the pilot to a witness with writing on the back J HORMUTH.
A I consult a summary list of the MACR and only four planes MIA over France in August 14th could coreespond to mine :
P 38 J 10 LO 42 67824 from 370 F.G. MACR 8063
P 38 J 25 LO 44 23597 from 370 F.G. MACR 9744
P 38 J 15 LO 42 104185 from 474 F.G. MACR 9806
P 47 D 15 RE 42 76282 from 373 F.G. MACR 9797

A specialist of the 9th Air Force could help me please, thank you very much,
Best regards from France

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