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Senior Airman
Jan 18, 2007
Today confirmed my concerns in the increase in voyeurism, in the younger generation.

I am in my early 30's but work with mostly younger people aged 17-23. It seems most of their time during breaks is spent playing with their mobile phones swapping tunes and video clips.

I was pulled to one side today to witness the latest video clip doing the rounds it was intitled 'Bitch Fight'. Watching this I was shocked to see girl brutally assaulted by another girl(mainly involving being kicked in the head repeatedly whilst she was on the ground). Apart from the person filming and the combatants their seemed to be quite a number of onlookers standing back watching(All seemed in their mid teens).

This is not the only shocking video clip I heard of doing the rounds but others including, 'Happy Slapping' where for fun someone will just hit a complete stranger whilst filmed. Another common occurance is underage sex also being filmed and distributed by the kids themselves.

The guys were suprised when I expressed my disaproval and couldn't understand the implications. I am quite liberal(in the best of sense) myself but am concerned about where we are going with this. Even on mainstream TV we see the increase in crap Reality Shows(particular highlight was 'Big Brother' in which a female contestant shoved a bottle in an orfice that does not normally partake of liquid refreshment)

Whats your thoughts on this?
Morbid curiosity has been a part of mankind since Ugglak the Neanderthal Man watched Mogwraq get caught and devoured by Gorak, the Giant Cave Bear of Gromnak...

Usually, individuals find the "reality" fist-fighting thing fascinating because they themselves never threw down, so to speak.... Same thing with car accidents.... If u've ever been in a serious wreck, 9 outta 10 will be more annoyed with the rubber-necking meatballs than seeing the wreck...

As for the chick vs chick thing, cat fights are ALWAYS fun to watch, with the slim chance of seeing a tittie slip out, but watching some poor little Sally get her head stomped in is over the top...

U did right in trying to enlighten the morons at ur job...
And if you have ever picked up the pieces after one of them car wrecks you have every right to spew at the maroons.

I have hit people who have walked up to us after a nasty job and asked "Were they dead." The Facks were not even interested if the SOB's survived, just wanted to know they had seen a dead body for bragging purposes.

Les is right, the average person KNOWS they are better than the average person, ergo the problem is never ending.

Human frailty exposed at its best / worst.

Technology just makes it easier and even more removed from their day to day reality.

Kinda like sitting here discussing which is the best plane to kill someone with.
Its sucky...Most Reality shows piss me off in the extreme...And Rubberneckers, get over it, its a couple of crumpled cars and some of the emergency services, Wheres the fascination...

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