Vulcan B Mk-2 Pilots Notes

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    Greetings Guys Gals;

    Today is another overcast Tuesday. It would appear that it may be an early fall, and
    possibly, winter........... :rolleyes: Not to worry, it gives us an excuse to play with our
    models ........ :)

    Todays post will be a follow-up on the United Kingdom's Vulcan Bomber, and a rather
    nice RC model of the Vulcan Bomber. So, lets take a gander at the Vulcan/B Mk. 2.

    [​IMG] .... [​IMG] ....[​IMG] .... [​IMG]

    [​IMG] .... [​IMG] .... [​IMG]

    Vulcan News ............

    The Sky Trust announced that due to a leaking fuel tank, their Avro Vulcan, XH588 has been grounded for
    the remainder of the 2013 air show season.
    .............. You may read the whole story here: Fuel Leaks Ground Avro Vulcan XH558 for the Remainder of 2013 Season

    ..... For the new people, to the web site you may find the first part of the message on the
    Vulcan/B-1a here:



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