Wade McClusky SBD-3

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    I have seen some pictures of models for Wade McClusky's SBD-3 from Midway. There are a couple of white markings that I can't make out. There is one on the rudder and another just above the diagonal white lines on the tail. I assume one is the BuNo. that I can't read and I have no idea what the other might be. I have searched books and the internet and it is amazing the lack of clear pictures for this plane. To make things worse I have seen two different BuNo. for this plane. If you can help it really would be appreciated. Maybe you have the 1/48 Hasegawa model to look at as a reference.
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    Hey man, found a few models of the plane online with some photos. Hope these help.

    Battle of Midway Models

    Sorry I can't find a bigger one :(

    SBD-3.jpg (image)
    If you look closely, above the diagonal stripes it says "NAVY" then under that, the BuNo and across from that, the model number, IE. SBD-3

    Accurate Miniatures 1/48 SBD-3 Dauntless
    Dick Best's plane (CO VB-6). Should share some of the markings.

    Hobby Master Air Power - 1:32nd Scale Dauntless SBD-3 Wade McClusky, Battle Of Midway Limited Edition 1 of 1000pc - HA0200
    Close up of a die-cast replica of McClusky's SBD

    Flightdeck Friday: Prelude to Midway - US Carrier-based Air | Steeljaw Scribe
    Here's a neat overview of the battle I found with plenty of photos and aircraft profiles.

    If all else fails you might want to try the try the Naval Aviation museum resource center. They'll probably know if anyone does.

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