WarBirds 2005

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

A few years ago, I found a game named "WarBirds 3" that was a freeware. A few days back, I wondered if the same company who made that game did some newer stuff. I fell on this website and a game called "WarBirds 2005".

:arrow: http://www.totalsims.com/index.php

From what I could read, that game (as its older versions) is mostly an online game. However, I read that there was several solo missions (may be even campaings) that were added.

The lone problem is that the game is no longer freeware... You must pay for either the game itself or an account. (If you pay for an account, you can download any of their games for free.)

Is the game worth the price they ask for it ? (Considering the fact that I mostly play computer games offline.)
I used to write and review for Combatsim.com and I was never enthralled with Warbirds either. Everybody talks big about online gaming and sims and in reality 99% of the time they're playing off line. You're better to find a stand alone sim as mentioned.
I just went on the official IL2 web site to look at the minimum requirements... Sold ! Next time I go to the store I'll buy a copy.

Thanks for your advice.

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