Warbirds tested at NACA Langley Field

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Senior Airman
Oct 18, 2006
Over three decades ago as a baby flight test engineer working at the NASA
Langley Flight Research Divison, I was given a lot of dirty jobs as part of the
process of paying my dues. One such job turned out to be quite a lot of fun:
cleaning out a large storage room and tossing anything not needed. Wow!
It was full of tech manuals and logs and photo's dating back to the 1920's,
and I pulled as much as I could from oblivion. I have a series of photo's
taken of warbirds tested by the NACA at the time, and will post some others
if there is interest. These have probably not been seen by anyone but me
in the last 60 years. Here is an F-8 Mosquito. In some photo's you can see
other aircraft such as B-17's in the background. I have XP-51H (short tailed),
XF8F-1, FM-2, F6F-3, and XF6F-4.


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