Weight of fire

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Nov 5, 2005
This I have always wondered about. What plane had the heaviest weight of fire in a 2 sec burst? Weight of fire meaning = most devastating fire. ME262 ? I want two answers here:
1) Heaviest weight of fire for any plane meant for air to air combat (not ground attack planes). (anti bomber killer sure)
2)Heaviest weight of fire for any plane meant for air superiority (this would be more just purely air superiority fighter not a bomber killing).

No rockets here, give us one allied and axis plane for both 1, 2.
Probably is the Me262A-1a, with 12.5 Kg per second of fire, and the second colud be the TA-152H-1, with 5,9 Kg
On the other hand, the first had only eight and ten seconds of fire with the two couples of gun, and the Ta-152, 9 seconds of fire with the MK 108, and 14 seconds with the two 20 mm guns.

Weight of shot for a 3 sec burst

Dora 9 - 26lb (2 20mm, 2 13mm)
F6F - 16lb (6 0.50")
Tempest - 40lb (4 20mm)
Yak 3 - 20lb (1 20mm, 2 12.7mm)
Me262 - 96lb (4 30mm)
Me109E - 13lb (2 20mm, 2 7.9mm)

Have more but do you think I can find the scans now. :mad: :cry:
Lanc, it was Italian. Italians don't get angry, they're lovers not fighters. ;)
Lanc, it was Italian. Italians don't get angry, they're lovers not fighters

Yup, it was originally intended to export money to Switzerland cheating on the Customs officers: plan was to load the ammo with money, fly above the alps and shoot at a purposedly designed Swiss bank caveau.

Traditional methods of hiring locals to walk over the border at night proved more effective and less expensive.
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i found this on another forum and started to do research to find the vaules for more ww2 ac. the one geocity site above is dead...and some of the values listed above differ from what i have found but this is what i have so far...

Weight of Fire, 3 Second Burst


Spitfire Mk I
8x .303 mg
4.5 kg (10lb)

Bf 109 E
2x 7.9mm mg
2x 20mm cannon
8.1 kg (18lb)


P-47 Thunderbolt
8x .50in mg
9 kg (20lb)

Hawker Typhoon
4x 20mm cannon
15.8 kg (35lb)

Bf 109 G
2x 13mm mg
3x 20mm cannon
15.8 kg (35lb)


FW 190 A-4
2x 7.92mm mg
4x 20mm cannon
16.8 kg (37lb)
2x Wgr 21 210mm rockets
82 kg (180lb)

Me 262
4x 30mm cannon
16.8 kg (37lb)
24x R4M 55mm rockets
24 kg (53lb)

found this site as well :

"Weight of Fire" has little meaning for a fighter aircraft. Perhaps you were thinking of battleships. :)
you talking just fighters or include the b25s with the six, eight gun packets, or the 75mm gun? or maybe the mossie?
Be interested in the specially outfitted B-25's as mentioned earlier, and also the original weapons configuration of the P-61.
Centerline mounted weapons are inherently more effective then wing mounted weapons due to convergence and wing flexing. Loss of effectiveness increases as weapons are placed further from the fuselage.

Generally speaking, explosive filler in cannon shells causes more damage then impact of the projectile itself. HE filler quantity varies greatly depending on who made the shells. Germany was famous / infamous for producing 20mm and 30mm shells with more HE filler then everyone else. 20mm Minengeschoß don't weigh more then 20mm solid shells but you will notice the difference 18g of HE filler makes when it blows a 2 foot hole in your aircraft wing.

These are the reasons I think "Weight of fire" is meaningless when calculating aircraft firepower.

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