Well, As Long As I'm Already Up....

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May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
A USAF unit in Texas in the late 70's was re-equipped with the new F-15. The faster and louder fighter resulted in noise complaints from the local community, as well as one thank you note from a rancher:

"I know that people have been complaining about the noise from your new airplanes but I want to tell you it is fine with me. I am glad to know y'all are up there doing your job and defending our country. And aside from that, when one of your airplanes comes over my ranch it often wakes up my bull. And after he gets up and looks around and can't figure out what woke him up, he usually goes over and services one of my cows. Ever since y'all started flying those new airplanes I have had twice as many calves born. So come over my place any time!"
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