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May 16, 2006
what do you know about the people in germany called werewolf. it was right after world war two. who were they? what did they do. all i know is that they resisted the allies occupation. any info will help. thanks
My understand is that they used goerilla tactics to try and thwart the allied resisitence. They poisoned food rations, mined roads, and committed arson. The last known attempt was reported sometime in 1947. The whole thing was a failure basically due to lack of support.
a unclaimed defensive ring - purley propaganda was suppose to occure in northern Italy/Tirol with Hitlerjugend and hordes of W-SS truppen. Although it never occurred boy did it give the Allies a scare as they tried to race north to Brenner pass to choke of this "so-called" last of the resistance. As Adler pointed out the Werwolves also took shape at the home front behind Allied preparations, not-picking but it never achieved much and Germany was tired and wanted all of the carnage over with . . .
Yeap it did not achieve much. My understanding is that some of the last "high big wig Nazis" that were in hiding were hoping this insurgancy would disrupt the allies and bring back there "cause". It did not get very far and never recieved much support. The German people were tired of the distruction and wanted to rebuild there land and they were afraid this would disrupt that and it never built up.

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