What do you reckon..did Burnelli get it right ?

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Aug 3, 2006
Many years ago aviation engineering took a fork in the road. Have you heard of Burnelli? Do you know anything about his designs? This is my second thread so nothing like getting off to a flying start with a bit of contorversy.
The following link takes you to a site with much information on Vincent Burnelli and I think well worth considering.
For WWll aviation heads it should prove interesting. Lots of reading and pics.

www.aircrash.org.org/Burnelli - A Safe Design That Went Nowhere

and if the following has been linked up before, mia culpa. :|

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DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Hmm interesting, not sure what to think of it though.

I seriously doubt FDR cancelled the contract right in the midst of WW2.

Considering all compaines in the US were involved in war production, how can one single small company be singled out for no contracts.

I dont believe it.
Boeing is reportedly working on one that will surpass the Air Bus 380 when it flies. They estimate it will carry 750 to 1,000 passengers nonstop to Japan and Aisa with ~30% better fuel consumption than conventional aircraft. It's been a year or so since I read about it but I think the numbers are right.

Like so many things we see on the wonderful web it is quite unsubstantiated. There is a a ton of hearsay quoted. Just what does this mean?- "eliminate that category of aircraft from its procurement plans." What category? Bomber, recon, fighter, what? Doesn't give any history on the biplane or what was done with it or any details that allegedly set it apart in performance. Same for the late 1934 crate which does have a cool-looking layout.

I dunno there's something to lifting bodies but the conspiracy slant is real freakin old, tired and a turn off.

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