What is Your favourite plane from world war 2?

Whats Your fave WW2 plane?

  • Avro Lancaster

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  • B-17

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  • Piaggio P-108

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  • Corsair

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  • IL-2

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  • BF-109

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cheddar cheese

Major General
Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Well, mines obviously the p-108 8) if ive missed out a plane you would have liked to see on the list dont hesitate to bug me about why i didnt put it on :| I do realise that ive missed out a load of planes however, mainly to keep the length of the list down 8)
oh yeah, i left those out deliberatly cos that just wouldnt be fair to the other planes, i mean, in a straight dogfight the bleriot would anilhate something like the spitfire :|
Its not on the list but a Gloster Gladiator would definately be my all-time fav - its got the looks AND One hell of a dogfighter! :twisted:
The mine is the P38 :eek: .
my friend martyn says the tornado is the best and it would kick all your asses :| somehow i dont think so....

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