What is Your favourite plane from ww2?

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And shooting yourself down is never a good move. Although I'm sure it happened once or twice.
Except not exaclty true. If a plane is traveling at Mach 1, so are the shells for the cannon while they are sitting in the magazine. Once they are fired, their true velocity will be equal to the velocity of the weapon plus the velocity of the aircraft.
i realise that, it's the same as an aircraft sitting on the deck of a moving carrier doing 15 knots, the plane's travveling at 15 knots before it's even moved, it was just a way to make a cheap pun.................
Actually during the Korean war, a Sabre pilot managed to do just that. He test fired his cannon and then put the sabre into a dive, exceeding mach 1 and pulled up out of the dive, straight into the path of the cannon shells he had fired moments before shot himself down.

But that wasn't flying into the back of your own bullets.

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