When the Soviets "accidentally" attacked Iran!!!

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Aug 27, 2017
Tehran, Iran
It's interesting to see videos of "rather forgotten" things that happened in past...

More interestingly, personally for me, I've met and heard the story from one of F-4 pilots that flew that day, including seeing his flight book, and also heard it from one of the Soviet solders, from Tajikistan, that was an squad leader in that operation.

Something else, it was first ever video I've watched from this channel, and I should say I really liked both narration and the video, itself.

It would be good to know your opinions about video and its subject.
I subscribe to Paper Skies. It is loaded with commie cock-ups.
It's always good to see / hear new things from another point of view.

Personally experienced this, when I bought a series of memoirs from Iraqi POWs and combatants, and was later expanded when I met a few, while was at the Army.

It was interesting to see things from their eyes, and hear stories from their lips. I wish it was possible to document all those stories.

I really hope one day, I can see videos about Iran's history, culture, languages, etc. that are made in English, by Iranians, without any political / ideological sides.

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