Wing Commander Arthur Donaldson DSO, DFC ( Bar) AFC

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norbert yeah

Apr 5, 2006
I've been looking for some info on Sqd Ldr Arthur Hey Donaldson DSO DFC ( Bar) AFC, the CO of 263 Sqn from February 1941 to August 1941, and Malta based Wing Commander in charge of 229, 249 and 185 during 1942. He was seriously injured during combat with a number of JU88's on 15th October 1942 and had to crash land his stricken aircraft at Ta Kali whilst covered with blood and with two fingers severed from his shattered left hand.

Shortly after this he was returned back to the UK along with George "Screwball" Beurling. Unfortunately their transport aircraft crashed during landing in Gibraltar, Donaldson and Beurling being two of three survivors.

This is basically the last bit of information that I have been able to find, is anyone able to give me an insight into Donaldson's postings after Malta and especially in 1943.


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