wings of war

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Airman 1st Class
Jul 26, 2005
this game is for the xbox format and is brilliant.its absed on several main campaigns thattook part in start off in a be2c observation plain armed with a single you go along you fly through bonus markers and pick engine upgrades to make the plane faster,extra guns extra bombs and later extra finish off in yes you geussed it the good old se5.all the planes in the game are named differently for copyright laws apart from the fokker eindecker thats known as eindecker.
sorry.but i couldnt find a ww1 game lounge.if i did i assure you it would have gone in there.
jrk said:
oh yeah so it is...................................i suppose i better take the shades off


I know :oops: I was just telling you so you could know.
Well, I've bought played it jrk and I'm afraid that I found it about as exciting as watching paint dry. :sleeping:

It has all the bad points of a full-on simulator, yet with the bad points of an 'arcadey' game! :rolleyes:

It's not a patch on SWON or HOTP, though WW1 is not so much my bag so perhaps I'm being unfair?

The worst bit is it could have easily been sooo much better, as it has a few good points and is so nearly there...

I actually like SWON Archangel! :D (nice HO-IX BTW :))

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