WW2 Aero Engines, Lecture at Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, HQ lecture (with online feed)

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Dec 28, 2015

"Join us at the IMechE's London HQ as writer, researcher, and engineer Calum Douglas delivers this year's Annual Lecture on behalf of the Institution's Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group.

Calum has dedicated over 5 years to researching and writing a technical and intelligence history of fighter aircraft piston engine development during the Second World War. This era saw history's greatest advances in aircraft piston technology: Calum joins us to tell the story of a desperate contest between the world's best engineers - the Secret Horsepower Race.

The lecture will cover the development of both allied and German piston aero engines during WWII including fuels and the people behind them. Amongst other things, advances in materias, superchargers, and fuel injection will be discussed."

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